Friday, January 13, 2012

Guest Room Reveal

Since we moved into our new home this past July, I have been decorating, and sometimes re-decorating my little heart out.

And now the guest room is the first room to be "finished" in my mind, at least for now.  You know how it is....everything gets a little tweak now and then.  

This is what you see entering the room, bright & airy.  Come on in!

 We moved from South Florida, so I wanted the room to be reflect the beach/ocean.  I call it "The Florida Room"  tee hee
 Do you think I did a good job?
 This is an antique store find from a few months ago.  I just love the lines and the glass top of this great dresser.  It came with one nightstand too.
 Another view from the other side of the room.  The door on the left leads to a jack & jill it

 In the corner we have an adorable side table from Grandin Road catalog.  Have you checked them out?  Great accessories and decorating ideas.  I got this sweet little table for half price during the summer.  Shells and coral adorn the table, and a bit of driftwood stands in the corner.
 This vignette features another great find....the shelves came from Ballard Designs Backroom Outlet located in Alpharetta.  They have fantastic items that are drastically reduced prices because of imperfections like scratches etc.
 My inspiration for this room came from these embroidered pillow covers
 Antique map of Key West
So what do you think?  Is the room inviting?  Would you like to come for a visit and stay a while?

I would love to hear your comments....


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2 0 1 2

I have been a lazy poor blogger....
But it's a new year, and I'm going to get better, and more consistent with my posts.

So, I'd like to share with you the most wonderful, thoughtful, and amazing gift I have ever received
(with the exception of my 2 daughters of course)

My Christmas gift from my wonderful husband.....

My own craft room!!

This is a small room attached to our master bedroom that was previously used for
not much more than storage, and a desk for me where I paid the bills and such.

 This is the existing desk, but everything else in the room is new.  He even purchased
the art, and painted the walls.

 A brand new sewing first!  I can't wait to get started :-)
 An awesome work table that raises and lowers, or the front drops and 
it can be used as a drafting table.
You may be did he pull this off??
He put a lock on the door, so I couldn't peek!  He took a few days off
from work and did everything in that time, paint, shop, build, organize (somewhat)
He even put caution tape over the door, and a sign that read "Elves at work"
Isn't he too much !!  Oh, and my eldest daughter gave me the metal mannequin
that you can see in the first picture.

So, what do you think??
What was your favorite gift this year?
I look forward to your comments